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Symbols and concepts

The symbol of Sinhwa Tech is a visual object symbolizing the image of the company intensively and the most important factor at the heart of the identity representation.

Three red lines located above the word mark "SINHWA" are visualized imagery of the passionate heart of Sinhwa people in the shape of red waves and the red semicircle symbolizing the sun means the unity of Sinhwa and the alphabet S refers to Sinhwa Tech.
The symbol of Sinhwa Tech reminiscent of sunrise holds the corporate philosophy aiming for bright and big world in the future greeting 21C. The red symbol of Sinhwa Tech contains an enthusiastic R&D spirit for high value-added mold development and passionate enterprise spirit of Sinhwa Tech representing innovation and the best technology as well.

  • Corporate Vision

    Leader of car interior

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  • Differentiated technology strategy

    Research and development of high value-added mold

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Regulations on how use

Dedicated color

It is important to use the designated color coherently because it makes up the backbone of colors on all media and a factor to determine the exact color images in visual communication. The dedicated color is divided into principal color representing Sinhwa Tech and secondary color and if necessary, it may be printed in four primary colors in accordance with the expression medium as required.

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